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Things to ponder on this chilly December morn’.

Firstly, a bit of disclosure here as for all intents and purposes the word on the street is that we live in a certain state.  Then if we start talking further with someone, we mention that we live at the … Continue reading

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Recap of recent events: Happy Winter Solstice! Hippy happy bthudday baby! Snow, snow, snow! Winter Wonderland! Happy Christmas Eve day!

I think that’s quite enough in the salutation department, eh? Wow.  We’ve been here, there and everywhere.  And most importantly, not at my computer.  Life has gotten in the way of electronic communication.  And to be honest, that’s just ok … Continue reading

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So sorry I missed it. How do you say Happy Belated Birthday to a man who is singing with the stars?

That would be Ol’ Blue Eyes, the Chairman of the Board, Mr. Francis Albert Sinatra himself. Were he to still be walking this earthly earth, he would have been 100 years old yesterday.  Frank Sinatra 100 years young.  Wow.  Could … Continue reading

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