For Mic!

Pictures of the place have been requested.  So, in no apparent order, I submit the following:

Who can swing higher–Papa Bob or Gracie?

Swinging with Grandma Pat

Directing Papa Bob and Grandma when they arrive for a visit!

“Singing in the rain” with Max, the new pup.

Who’s driving???

Helping Papa Bob and Daddy build the new playset!

Gracelyn hard at work collecting wood to build her “cabin.”

The Cabin!!!

Pretty good building, eh?
(Yes, Mr. Man’s Man/Woman’s Man/Everyman/Superman a.k.a DADDY helped.)

Loving on Buck, our rescued Chocolate Labrador

All of the above were from this summer, not the prettiest it’s been, albeit not nearly the wettest it’s been.

And now, how about the way we fervently HOPE it will be in just a short while:

Gracie and Buck

Aren’t the snowflakes pretty?

View from the porch

On the way to preschool one morning.

The road in…what a plow job by the Man of the House (that would be Mr. Man’s Man/Woman’s Man/Everyman/Superman for those in doubt)!

Well, wait a minute.  That’s really not enough snow.  We need it more like this:

Out the front door.

This is the start of the 2010-2011 winter. That pile actually doubled in size by the end!!

Brave little mountain chickadee!

“Buck, get in here!!!”

“Let me in, let me in!!” (Hats off to anyone who can name that movie.)

Again, the path to the firepit.

And that my dear friends, is what we desperately need, so I can put away the evacuation bags/boxes, stop worrying about forest fires, and get some water back in our well.  Not to mention water for the mice so they’ll stop coming in to drink it in the house!  (Back to the mice…)