One of the 47% and darned skippy, you-bet-you’re-bippy, happy about it!–UPDATE–***UPDATE redux 2***

Sorry.  Couldn’t help myself.  I simply had to inject my teensy, tiny, little opinion into this.

Cause you know what?  I’m one of those 47% he’s talkin’ about.  (He being the Super Duper Republican nominee for President…Mitt Romney, in case you’ve missed the latest kerfluffle.)  I received Pell Grants as I was putting myself through college (yes, lots of it–college that is).  I received Federal Stafford Loans, had them deferred until I had a means of making the monthly payment, and then got them consolidated by good old Sallie Mae.  Did I feel it was an entitlement that I receive all that assistance to make it through school?  Absolutely not.  I whooped for joy when I got the financial award letter letting me know I received a $1000 Pell grant one year, decreasing the amount I needed to borrow to $24,000 instead.  Did I work my little tootsie off during every year of school, sometimes holding down two jobs at a time, in addition to a full-time school load?  Yup.  Sure did.  Does that sound like a freeloader????  Yeah, didn’t think so.  Does that sound like someone who thought they were entitled to free education…or education at someone else’s expense????  Yeah, didn’t think so.

Do I receive tax breaks now because of the gargantuan amount of student loan interest I pay every year?  Yes.  Does the tax break cover it all?  No way jose.  Not even close.  But it sure is a welcome addition (or should I say subtraction?) when I’m filling out our tax return.  Do we receive a  mortgage deduction?  Yup.  And thank goodness we do.  Do we pay our fair share of taxes, on top of those two tax breaks?  Yup, sure do.  The way I figure it, about 25 to 27% total taxes each year.  WAY more than good ol’ Mitt pays.

Does my dear grams survive on a Social Security check?  Yup.  ‘Nuff said.  Or should I write about the Medicare she and my mum and my in-laws get to use as their health insurance?  They paid into the system, now it’s keeping them afloat.  Cause you know what?????  If we didn’t have those programs, guess who’d be footing the bill for these loved ones?  Yup.  Me and those family members in my generation.  As we’re struggling to make ends meet right now.

My family members are not victims.  I have never once heard any of them speak as if they feel they are entitled to handouts from the government.  And, most of them will vote Republican…that’s the irony.  And man does it hurt.  My tongue is almost severed for how much biting it I’ve done lately.

Yes, Mr. Romney, perhaps it would have been better if you would have been born a Mexican (as you so eloquently stated in your remarks at the now infamous fundraiser in May).  Then perhaps you might have had some inkling of what it would be like to be one of us…one of us who aren’t of the 1%. 

I do apologize to the few faithful readers I’ve acquired.  I simply could not help myself.  And I feel my words may be rambling and at times incoherent.  I want to get this posted as I’m soon going to be kicked out of Starbucks, which for the time being is my only internet connection. 

Things that make me mad, crazy, nutso, off-my-rocker insane!

Vaya con dios amigos.


Lest I forget…the dear husband is a veteran.  Of the U.S. Navy.  Our mortgage is a G.I loan.  Do we feel entitled to have received that??  Not in the least.  Grateful yes, entitled…NO.  Should we discuss the disabling injuries he received while serving his country that to this day cause daily pain?  ENTITLED to health care for very same injuries????  I don’t damn think so.  And neither does he.  (Not that I should speak for him.  And I’m darn sure I’ll hear about this post from him, as he is rather tight-lipped about things such as these.  He’ll not appreciate them being broadcast.  But, they help to prove my point.  So there you go.)

I mention this because grouped in that magic “47% of Americans” that Governor Romney deems pretty much to be freeloaders and victims are 1)seniors (of which I refer to above), 2)students (of which I have been) and 3)the military (my husband).  

So I take his comments quite personally.  And now I’ve got my hackles all hackled up.  I HATE when that happens.  Guess I’ll go enjoy another triple shot mocha, courtesy of my FAVORITE place (other than home with the little dudette)…Starbucks!! 

Again, vaya con dios amigos and amigas.

***UPDATE redux 2***

Sorry, will get off of this shortly, but I just remembered the part that started the hackles getting all hackled up.  It was that teensy, eensy, little line about “I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsiblity and care for their lives.”  AAAGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Excuse me.  I don’t take personal responsibility for my life???  I don’t care for my life and those dependent on me?  I think I should just have been handed the $145,000 in student loans and not pay back one single cent?  I think my in-laws who have paid their dues should not be able to be covered by Medicare?  I think my grams should not get a social security check each month to pay for her living expenses (as meager as the check is) because she and my grandfather paid into the system on the assurance they would receive a small benefit later????  All of these family members are not taking personal responsibility for their lives? 

OWWWWW…my head hurts.  And the hackles are starting to make my neck cramp. 

I’m done.  If only cause now I’m kicked out of Starbucks and need to head back to the apartment where I’m staying, in which, blessedly there is no internet and only the local news station on the tv.  I promise there won’t be any more updates.  At least not on this thread.



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