Need some help here…

So, the wee one (who really is not so wee anymore come to think of it) is already trying to decide on her Halloween costume for next year.

For those of you who don’t know, Halloween has become something of a righteously big deal here in this household.  (Not sure if “righteously” is the correct word, but I think it sounds fun, and as I’ve said before, as this is my blog and I’m writing, I’m taking some literary license here.  Sure, that will never get me any book deals, but what the heck eh?)

As I was saying–Halloween is something of a colossal (there, that’s better) event here.  Gracelyn has a wonderful friend in Saratoga who makes her the absolutely bestest costumes EVER!!!  We love our Laura M.  She is truly divine and is able to cater to Miss Fancy Gracie’s every wish and whim.  For those of you who aren’t that familiar with my darling daughter, she can be something of a diva at times.  (Not quite sure where that comes from–written with a slight smirk on my face.)  And is QUITE specific about what she wants and how she wants it.  (Pretty darn sure where that comes from.  One hint-NOT the dadster.)  Anyhoo–last year it was this fantastic brown horse with pink mane and tail, the head of which would rival any shot from the Godfather.  Noooooo, not bloody and severed…but large and completely life-like.  So darn cute.  With girly black eyelashes and adorable ears.  It was a HUGE hit everywhere we went.  (I had to find Halloween events last year just so Gracelyn could prance around in her costume.  And boy did she strut her stuff.)

So this year, it’s all about MERMAIDS.  Again, Miss Gracelyn had a specific vision which she relayed to both me and Laura several times.  At one point I was worried I was going to have to be the costume maker extraordinaire, but then the Universe smiled on us and Laura produced, and holy mackinolies if it isn’t absolutely perfectly divine.  Just simply DIVINE.  I’ll post pics later (though the momster–that’s M-O-M-S-T-E-R again, NOT monster–thinks I shouldn’t be putting pictures of us out there, so we’ll see).

So, yes Halloween is not for two days, but ever the planner (yes, I will take credit for this character trait of hers), Gracelyn is already trying to decide on next year’s duds.

So…here’s our dilemma:

Genghis Khan       or        George Washington

Yup.  Those are the choices.  And from the little time I’ve spent with this darling child, once she gets something in her head, that’s usually the way of things.  So even though I still have 365 plus 2 days to go until Halloween 2013, I am fairly certain it will end up being one of the above dudes.

Any thoughts? 

I suppose you might like to know just why my 5 1/2 year old darling diva of a daughter is considering portraying the fiercest, most successful, Mongolian warlord and conqueror the world has ever known?  (I mean, really, whatever happened to a fairy sprite or a dragon or a carrot costume?  Genghis Khan??????   This should just give you an inkling of what my days are like around here.)  I digress…

To fill you in on the thought processes of this unbelievable soul that inhabits my world, I should start with the details of a drive back home from Greeley one night a few weeks ago.  Mom has let me borrow some audio books as I seem to be in the car more and more these days and am in need of something to keep me awake.  One of them was a novel by Clive Cussler, who writes about an ocean adventurer named Dirk Pitt and his sidekick Al.  This one was “The Treasure of Khan.”  I was on about Disc 5 out of 14 from my various trips and it was just getting good.  We were on the Laramie Plains, it was dark, NPR was no longer on and I was sleepy.  Bad confluence of events.  I checked the rearview mirror and saw closed eyes and a slightly open mouth (both good signs the munchkin had finally drifted off to Neverland).  I popped in the CD and settled in for the suspense.  About 20 minutes later I heard a stirring and realized with dismay the darling child was awake and LISTENING RAPTLY.  I turned off the CD.  Loud protests emanated from the backseat.  “Mommy, play the story.  I want to hear it.”  I tried to tell her it was an adult story and not good for little ones.  All to no avail.  And damn it…I wanted to hear what was going to happen next.  I warred with myself for about 27 seconds (should I let her listen to it, with some violence and a complex plot…or should I try to stay awake otherwise and wait to hear what happens next later?) and then popped it back in.

And thus, the little listener became an authority on Mongolia and Ghengis Khan and suspense and intrigue and so on and so on.

Do I feel guilty for ultimately thinking of myself and not her fragile, innocent little brain?  Maybe a wee bit.  But I will say that our Social Studies lessons have certainly been enhanced as we now know where Mongolia is and we’re learning about Ghengis and his son Kublai Khan and Marco Polo who headed over there for a while way back when.

And really, the story wasn’t full of gratuitous violence, no reference to s-e-x at all (yes, I spell around here, though now I have to do it quietly–which infuriates Superman as his hearing is not the greatest, though for a superhero that’s a bit odd wouldn’t you say–ANYWAY…I have to spell but that’s not going to last long as when I was spelling a word to my dear mum the other day, Gracelyn interrupted mid-letters to tell me what I was spelling.  Oy vey.) and the story was actually not scary or too suspenseful.   NOT like the CD my dear mother puts in for Gracelyn whenever they’re in the car together…THE WIZARD OF OZ.  ?!?!?!?!?  Now THAT is a darn scary CD.  Just hearing that cackle and the music for the flying monkeys is enough to send me into nightmare-land. 

So…again…Ghengis Khan or George Washington?

(George Washington because he is her favorite president…other than the coolest ever President O of course!  I’m not sure who she would choose if it came down to George or Barack.  I’m thinking she’d find a way to have both as her BFF’s.  She’s working on a diorama of Mount Vernon at the moment.  Well, not at this precise moment, because all EXCEPT ME are asleep in the house right now.  Even the damn mice.)




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