I am thoroughly convinced the ignoramus that came up with Daylight Savings Time did NOT have children.

Sorry…was that a bit harsh for a quiet Sunday morning?  Did I disrupt your serenity and calm?  Were you enjoying your EXTRA hour of sleep…as it’s been touted since the beginning of this absurd experiment.  Because I certainly wasn’t.  Haven’t been.  Didn’t get it (that promised extra hour of snooze)…and am slightly cranky.  Ever so slightly.  The husband looked at me and said “why are you guys up  now?”  Yes, I snarled to myself (yes, I do occasionally snarl in the morning if it is pre-triple shot 1/2 caffe dark chocolate mocha with whip), why ARE we up at this ungodly hour?  As in 6:45 a.m.  A.M.!  6:45 in the morning!  A full hour and a half before the darling daughter and I usually tumble ever so rested out of our beds.  She, and I have no earthly idea why, does not snarl in the morning.  Despite having two parents who do, this child wakes up happy and chirpy and chattering at 500 words per minute.  Unfortunately for me, it was at 6:45 a.m. this morning.  Do you know how difficult it is to be happy and chirpy and chattery back???????

Why do we fall for this…each and every time?

Simply put…there are NO extra hours, or minutes, or even seconds for that matter in the day.  There never have been.  There are not today.  And there will never be. World without end, amen.  (H/T my Catholic upbringing.)

In fact…in fact…the earth is spinning faster today thanks to that little earthquake last year that triggered that little wave called a tsunami over there in the Japanese islands.  And because of the faster spin…we have lost 22 seconds each day.  LOST 22 seconds each day.  Do you know what can be done in 22 seconds??????????  A lot.  You can wash 7 dishes and have them drying in the rack.  You can load the espresso machine with a triple shot and put the milk in the microwave to “steam.”  You can fold 10 articles of clothing.  You can fill the dogs’ food dishes and get them to come and sit quietly and put them down and STILL have them scarf it down with a couple of seconds to spare. 

I want my 22 seconds back.

And then I want this farce of Daylight Savings Time to end.  Period.  I have never understood it.  I have never thought it was a grand idea.  I cannot fathom why we continue to try to mold and shape and form NATURE to our liking.  We are human.  Mother Nature is Mother Nature.  This is like comparing an earthworm to an elephant.  (And do I need to give you a clue as to which one is the earthworm?)  NOT equal.  Never has been.  Is not now.  Never will be, world without end, amen.  (Sorry, couldn’t help myself…it just seemed to fit.) 

We have inside us this innate sense of time.  We are supposed to be active during the daylight and quiescent during the nightlight (seemed poetic).  We are, as a species, not nocturnal.  (I know….this is obviously something I need to convince my body clock of.  But that is fodder for another post altogether and I’m not in the mood right now to address it.)

Back to my thought.  We are programmed with a biological clock that works with the seasons, with the sun.  We have gotten away from this in our attempt to manage all that is this world.  Now we think we can manage Mother Nature and in some way change this innate part of our being.  Just to have one extra hour to do what?   Cram more computer time into the day?  Clean more?  Do more laundry?  Play more video games?  Make more money?  Blog more??????  (Yes, I’m as guilty as the next.)  Oh yes, from the dark recesses of my mind I remember something along the lines of it was supposed to help conserve electricity…or some nonsense like that.  Really???  Really?  Really.  Maybe then, but most probably not.  Didn’t conserve then.  Isn’t conserving now.  Won’t ever conserve…world without end, amen.  (Last time, I promise.  Cause after three, it’s just not funny anymore.)

I’m off to make another triple shot 1/2 caffe dark chocolate mocha with whip, as the first one hasn’t cleared the fuzz from the brain.

And perhaps, just perhaps, I should consider a move to Arizona or I think I heard Hawaii as to the states that don’t take part in this ridiculousness called Daylight Savings Time.  Seriously.  No wonder we never know what is up or down or coming or going.  We’re not living the way we’re supposed to be living.  We need to get back to nature and our role in it.  Perhaps the OBVIOUS climate changes that are throwing themselves at us to get our attention may ultimately result in us changing our ways.  Perhaps.

And on that note, I bid you a fine Sunday.  Mine will be as soon as I use 22 seconds to fire up the espresso machine.

About madranchwife

Mother, Mad Ranchwife(as in--at times-- crazy, nutso, loco, off-my-rocker insane), Veterinarian, Physical Therapist, "Liberal, pinko, gay-loving, Subaru-driving Socialist" (as I've been called), proud to be a totally tree-huggin', climate change believin', granola girl environmentalist, ObamaGirl, Pro-Choice (don't even get me started here...), and in my younger days a feminist vegetarian as a result of time spent at CU Boulder (this lasted approximately 14 months, until all the Jimmy Buffett I was listening to caused me to crave a cheeseburger). #FindingMyVoice #ScienceMatters
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