In other news…

So it was mentioned to mom the other day that since I’ve not got the Republicans to kick around anymore (related to the insanity we called the 2012 Presidential election), I’m casting about for subjects to ruminate on.  Thus, possibly, the vitriolic, expletive-laden, hate-filled posts regarding the fecking horses’ behinds that have our Max.


I bring you this little, teeny, tiny, itsy, bitsy GEM of a detail that I stumbled across this morning.  TOTALLY, as in completely, 100%, absolutely, made my day!!!

As reported in a Gallup poll, our esteemed CIC’s job approval rating is now 7 points higher than at any time from 2009 to 2012.  (I think I’ve got that correct…will double check later.)  It is a whopping 56%!!!

“And consider this: “Five of the seven U.S. presidents re-elected since World War II had lower average job approval ratings in their second than in their first term.” (Need to find the source for that as the URL link didn’t transfer over.  More later.)

AND…only two presidents since World War II – out of the seven that have had second terms – have had higher approval ratings their second term. Those presidents would be Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton.”  (Taken from

Just thought you all might like to know this.

Certainly made my day…and we need that around here.


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Mother, Mad Ranchwife(as in--at times-- crazy, nutso, loco, off-my-rocker insane), Veterinarian, Physical Therapist, "Liberal, pinko, gay-loving, Subaru-driving Socialist" (as I've been called), proud to be a totally tree-huggin', climate change believin', granola girl environmentalist, ObamaGirl, Pro-Choice (don't even get me started here...), and in my younger days a feminist vegetarian as a result of time spent at CU Boulder (this lasted approximately 14 months, until all the Jimmy Buffett I was listening to caused me to crave a cheeseburger). #FindingMyVoice #ScienceMatters
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