Woo hoo hoo hoo hooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (to quote our favorite tiger)

Let’s let the pictures do the talking!!  (We are happily ensconced inside…Loki being, well, a dog and Gracelyn doing her schoolwork.  Me?  Enjoying a triple shot, 1/2 caffè, dark chocolate mocha with whip looking at the HUGE white snowflakes obscuring the view!)

On another note, I have got to figure out how to be more technically minded.  I can’t seem to add more than one picture at a time (thus the jumbled mess below) and I can’t seem to type AFTER the pictures…thus they’re always stuck at the bottom of the post.  I think I need about three more hours in the day and then I should be ok.

You should see the snow now.  Holy buckets Batman…the flakes are humongous and so thick I can’t see past the garage…or out the front past the cattle guard.  Wow.  Bring it on we say, bring it on!

Oh yes…….on yet another note…….I have to confirm this with probably one or two more sources, but one of my reliable sites of up-to-date information has a post this morning stating that Hillary is running in 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Yet one more reason for the Woo hoo hoo hoo hoooooooooooooooooooo!

Yep.  This is going to be a GRRR-eat day!  (To quote another famous tiger.)



About madranchwife

Mother, Mad Ranchwife(as in--at times-- crazy, nutso, loco, off-my-rocker insane), Veterinarian, Physical Therapist, "Liberal, pinko, gay-loving, Subaru-driving Socialist" (as I've been called), proud to be a totally tree-huggin', climate change believin', granola girl environmentalist, ObamaGirl, Pro-Choice (don't even get me started here...), and in my younger days a feminist vegetarian as a result of time spent at CU Boulder (this lasted approximately 14 months, until all the Jimmy Buffett I was listening to caused me to crave a cheeseburger). #FindingMyVoice #ScienceMatters
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