Oh thank goodness. And a shameless pitch for a good cause.

All is right with the world.

Well, the world in the time of Ancient Greece that is.

We just read tonight that Odysseus finally made it back to Ithaca (his island).  Though things look to be still touch and go as to the reunion with his long faithful wife Penelope.  We’ll start on the final book in the series tomorrow and hopefully get through it quickly enough to satisfy both of our curiousity.  (Shouldn’t that read “both of ours’ curiousity?” Not quite sure.  The computer doesn’t like it either way.  Good grief, where are the grammar police when you need them?)  Anyway, we both breathed a sigh of relief when we read that Odysseus had landed on Ithaca.  And then was reunited with his son Telemachus.  After 20 years!!!!!!!!  He wandered the Mediterranean Sea for ten years after leaving Troy.  It’s just still not something we can quite understand.  Though I guess he was on Calypso’s island for seven of those ten years, so in reality he only drifted about the tiny Mediterranean for a mere three years.  But still, didn’t they have stars back then?  You know, to navigate by.  This is what baffles us.

Anyway, Penelope has waited for him for 20 years.  Talk about love, eh?  Something to be learned there maybe.

On to the other topic at hand:  the shameless pitch for a good cause.

I thought I’d written about this before, but now I’m not sure.  When I first was introduced to Cup Of Joe For A Joe (www.greenbeanscoffee.com/coj) several years ago, I wasn’t sure if it was legitimate or not.  It’s hard to know for sure when you give money to an organization that your dollars are actually going to what you want them to go to.  But I took a leap of faith and jumped right in.  How’s that for two clichés in one sentence?  Though I must be honest and say the man of the house has the record tonight at three in one sentence!!!

The result was rewarding in that I believe this is an organization that truly does what it says it does.

I think now more than ever our service women and men need to know we are thinking of them.  Not just because the holidays are approaching, but because for many of us here, home, on this continent, we forget that there are other Americans far from home, fighting in a war at this moment.  And they still need, and deserve, our support.

So the concept is simple really.  Pledge some money and that money is then used to buy a service woman or man a cup of coffee.

Obviously this is something that resonated with me as I am fortunate to enjoy my nirvana usually any time I want.  In the comfort and safety of my own home.  In the safety of my own country.  And it brings me peace and happiness and serenity and contentment.  (Yes, I know I give my cup of coffee WAY too much power over my life.  But I think you need to do what you can to make each and every day a happy one.  In my case, it’s drinking a perfect triple shot, 1/2 caffe, dark chocolate mocha with whip.)

All of that being said, I think the Cup Of Joe For A Joe program is a fantastic one.  So please, won’t you think about clicking the link above and in so doing, pass on some java love?

Or here, I’ll make it easy and then you don’t have to scroll back up:  https://www.greenbeanscoffee.com/coj/

(This sort of reminds me of my Girl Scout cookie selling days…or the Camp Fire Girls candy sales.  Remember the Almond Roca?  Good, definitely good.  But a saleswoman I am not.   So forgive me for my peddling.)






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