Now that’s interesting.

Wow.  I poked my head up long enough to peruse current events and had to take a long pull of the morning triple shot 1/2 caffe dark chocolate mocha with whip.

Dang but there isn’t a lot of scary s**t going on out there.  Ok, should have said “stuff.”  I really must get my truck driving language under control.   But I digress.

Maybe we should just go skiing again.  The sky is blue.  The sun is warm.  The snow is supreme.  There were no Nebraskans yesterday.  SORRY to any of my Nebraska friends and family.  But holy guacamole Batman.  Last week we set off for the ski area,  blissfully unaware (thank the Universe) of what was happening there.  The first sign of impending disaster was the plethora of license plates on vehicles reading “NEBRASKA.”  I was a mite bit worried for a second or two, thinking perhaps I’d taken a wrong turn or something.  We have found a shortcut to get us to the ski area sooner, though, truth be told, the shortcut ends up taking about the same amount of time because it is an unpaved, albeit county, road that gets a little, well, titchy at times.  Necessitating lower speeds.  Which every time we take it I constantly ask myself why I didn’t just go around and avoid the bumps and bruises to poor Bessie.  (Bessie is the ruby red, super fast, awesome Subaru by the way.)

Anyhoo.  Back to the story which wasn’t really supposed to be the story anyway.  Nebraska license plates.  EVERYWHERE.   Well, there was that Texas plate.  (We’ll let that one go because I love my Texas relatives oh so very much and fondly remember many a skiing vacation with them back in the day.  I miss you guys!!  And sure wish we could do that again!!!)  So.  Nebraska plates.  We had to park in the back row of the lot.  And that in itself is a humongous deal because we usually park in about the fourth row.  It is a very small ski area and it is NEVER crowded.  Perfect for us as the darling diva learns how to tear down the hill.  NOT-so-perfect this day.  Not only were there Nebraska cars in the parking lot, there were people from Nebraska ALL over the hill.  Holy buckets Batman.  That has to go down in the history books as one of the absolute, most dangerous days I have ever skied.  And I have skied a lot of days.  (Seriously.  Only thanks to the two “sabbaticals” I took from college and learned how to be a bona-fide ski bum.  Best days ever.)  But, as usual, I digress.  Scary times on the mountain that day.  Scary times.  I played defensive back, or maybe it was more like the offensive line (just call me the Refrigerator…that dates me doesn’t it?  I realize there are people alive today who have no idea who the Refrigerator is or that the 1985 Chicago Bears were AWESOME!!).  Wow, I am flighty today.

Suffice it to say, that was not a good day as I tried mightily to keep the errant skiers from knocking down my little diva like a bowling pin, while screaming at us from behind as they flew down the hill completely and totally out of control “WATCH OUTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Hm-mmmm.  That’s how it works.  Right.

Luckily, yesterday when we ventured out, expecting the worst I’ll say, we were pleasantly surprised to see not a one license plate with words that start with “N.”  The lot was only about a half full.  The sky was impossibly blue.  The sun was warm.  The snow was divine.  And no one screamed at us from up above to “watch out.”  It was sublime.

And then I settled down this morning to catch up on current events.

Sheesh.  Talk about your buzzkill.

Where should I start?

1.  Wyoming has become the first state to reject the National Science Standards of Education because, wait for it……they teach children about…you are not going to believe this…climate change.  Climate change.  Some representative got all hot and bothered because the science standards would dare, DARE, to teach children that we, the human race, have a part in climate change and all that is happening.  And then the governor, our esteemed governor, signed off on it.  Jesus, Mary and Joseph.  Let’s raise a bunch of children ignorant about what has scientifically been proven because it might shed a negative light on the industry of the state.  Not to mention the fact that Governor Mead is up for re-election this year.  Gah!  Did I just write that?  Surely I’m mistaken in drawing any correlation between condemning scientific fact and the gas-and-coal industry and Mead’s re-election prospects.  Shame on me.  Shame.

2.  This woman is downright scary.  I tell you what.  Seems Susanne Atanus was selected by Illinois Republicans in the primary to run for the state’s 9th District.  Holy Toledo Batman.  Ms. Atanus calls herself a “God-first conservative Republican,” and believes many of the plights of the last several decades, including droughts, tornadoes and diseases like autism and dementia are God’s punishment for gay marriage and legalized abortions.  “God controls the weather,” Atanus said definitively in January.  “God is angry.  We are provoking him with abortions.  We are provoking him with same-sex marriage, gay rights, civil unions.”  (Found this at, but I’m sure it’s elsewhere as well.)

Lord that is a lot of crazy right there.  Not only does she sound a wee bit wacked in the head (or about 2 millennia too late as Gracelyn and I have been studying ancient civilizations and even my darling 7 year old knows that it’s no longer intelligent to attribute natural phenomenon to deities.  She turns to me and says, “that’s just science mommy.”  Yep I say.  It sure is honey.  Hurricanes happen because of weather patterns in the atmosphere and not because a god is mad somewhere about something.)  The really scary thing???  They voted for her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Seriously.  She won the primary.  What does that say???

3.  I saw this briefly and had to stop reading cause my stomach was turning, but it seems that a Wyoming state congressman wrote a book about AIDS and how it was a punishment for homosexuality back in the 1980’s or something like that.  Well, it’s been trotted out again and he’s gloating about it.  Nice.  Really nice.

4.  Crimea, Ukraine, Putin.  Dude, what to say here?  Maybe the most bothersome is the incessant, asinine, infantile chatter here in the states about wishing our esteemed president was more like Putin.  Really?  Last time I checked, this country was a democracy.  Not a dictatorship.  And the elected leader is a leader, not a bully.  For god’s sakes, shut up already about wishing our president rode a horse without his shirt on.  Give me a flippin’ break.  If he was all dictator-y and such, you all would be bitching up a storm about him taking a heavy-handed approach and not letting the democracy preside.  Kind of like he did with the vote on Syria.  He didn’t executively decide to march into Syria and be all bully like.  Instead he put it to Congress to vote.  And Congress said no.  So that was that.  And then you berated him for being weak.  Good god almighty.  You can’t have it both ways.   And what in the name of all that is holy would be accomplished by sending troops into Ukraine or escalating a war with Russia.  Seriously John McCain?  Berating the President now by saying he should have sent our precious troops into Ukraine a long time ago?  At what cost???????????  We are not the world’s police.  We have precious few resources when it comes to men and women willing to put their lives in harms way.  Let’s keep them safe here.  Good grief.  And on that note, I did hear snippets of something Vladimir Putin said to his leaders about the hypocrisy of the United States of America saying he (Putin) couldn’t send troops into a country to protect his people and assets there when the USA did the exact same thing in Iraq (thank you very much George W. Bush and Dick Cheney) and Afghanistan.  Not to mention the many others that I simply am losing the patience to write about for now.  I really hate to say this, for fear of being labeled a…GASP…(s-o-c-I-a-l-I-s-t)…but perhaps Putin has a point.  I’m just saying.

I could go on, but have lost the impetus to keep writing.  The coffee cup is empty.  The diva is awake.  School needs to start (where we will learn about SCIENCE and climate change and that the earth was born 4 billion years ago and people did NOT walk with dinosaurs, though how cool would that have been, and Noah’s ark is a story, just a story.  There may have been a lot of rain.  There may have been a flood.  But “God” did not get mad and decide to destroy the world by flooding it.  And, if you really stop to think about it, just how big would that boat have had to have been to fit two of every living species on it?  Seriously.  That would have been one gigantic, I mean GIGANTIC, boat.  Jesus Mary and Joseph I forgot to write about that.  We’ll save that for another day.)

So, on that note, we’re off to learn science.  The microscope slides came this week, so we’re looking at rabbit veins and arteries and dog intestines, to name a few.  Way too cool that not only do I have a ski buddy and a fellow Star Wars fanatic now, but a science geek to boot!  My life is complete.

Well, albeit with another perfect triple 1/2 caffe dark chocolate mocha with whip coming up.  Then we’ll talk.

DSC03320 DSC03323

(Pictures from the ill-fated day last week…it really was a beautiful day–see the pretty blue sky, and we made it out alive too!)



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  1. Gwen says:

    Well said…….and I sincerely envy your life.

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