OK. I’m going in.

Though I don’t really know quite where to start.  There’s so much zinging around up there.  I guess I’ll just start shooting from the hip.

First, what in the name of all that is goll-durned holy SHOULD the President have done about an American citizen being held captive in a country in which we have been at war with but which we are planning on not being at war with in the near future?  Leave him to rot in a prison somewhere as an ex-prisoner-of-war????????????????????

Who the BLEEP cares if he, and this is conjecture, not proven, nothing determined yet, INNOCENT TIL PROVEN GUILTY kind of stuff, even if he is/was a deserter.  ?!@?$!?@

Then bring the dadgummed dude home and hang him high in a military trial, a court martial.

But what in the sam hell does it say about this country for all of these nutjobs who are spouting all of this baloney intimating that this soldier should have been left to rot as a captive of a country we’ve been at war with?

What happened to “leave no man behind?”

I realize this is not a cogent piece.  My thoughts are fairly scattered.  I’m feeling a lot of outrage right now at the things I’ve been hearing and the things I’ve been reading.

No way am I defending what this soldier did, if he did it.  If he deserted his post, then he should answer for that.  But all of these politicians taking umbrage at this soldier’s release make me want to lose my lunch.  Sorry, no other way to say it.  Well, there is, but I was trying not to be graphic.

And then, and then…to go after the man’s family?  Seriously?  Have you people no shame?  This mother and father have had to live for the last five years….5 YEARS!!!…not knowing where their son is, whether or not he is alive, if he is alive whether or not he’ll ever come home, not knowing the full story.  Did their son desert his post and get captured and is now left to his fate?  Was he captured just because he was where he shouldn’t have been?  What’s the full story?   Can you imagine living with that?  I’m sure a whole flipping lot of people can relate.  All of the families of the POW’s from the myriad wars of the last century.  Never knowing whether or not they’d see their precious family member again.  A certain senator from Arizona was a POW.  He should know how it feels.  But for all of these people to attack this man’s mother and father.  Have you no shame?  Because the father has a long beard?  Because he may have sent out a few tweets trying to maybe, just maybe, appease the people holding his dear son hostage?  How on earth do you think you might act if you were in that father’s shoes?  Something about stones and glass houses comes to mind.

I’m just sayin.

The celebration for the homecoming for this soldier, the same one who has been held captive for five years (5 YEARS), has been cancelled due to all of the hateful and violent blowback the town has received.

How shameful is that?  I had thought America was better than this.  So many times have I heard people in this country mocking other countries who are filled with sectarian violence, tribal and ethnic cleansings, civil war and bloodshed.  Mocking these other countries as if to say they’re a bunch of uncivilized nincompoops, and America, that’s the country that is better than any other on the planet.

Pot, meet kettle.

And yet.  And yet.  What has happened in this country in the last several days regarding the release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is simply shameful.

Don’t give me the baloney about negotiating with terrorists.  And the baloney about how now we’ve put a price on every American’s head.

Cause I’ll come back with this:

Retired General Stanley McCrystal:  “We don’t leave Americans behind. That’s unequivocal,” he said when asked if he would have authorized the prisoner swap.

John Bellinger, a national-security lawyer in George W. Bush’s administration: “We don’t leave soldiers on the battlefield under any circumstance unless they have actually joined the enemy army.  He was a young 20-year-old. Young 20-year-olds make stupid decisions. I don’t think we’ll say if you make a stupid decision we’ll leave you in the hands of the Taliban.”

And finally, a word from the adult in the room:

President Obama:  “The United States has always had a pretty sacred rule, and that is: we don’t leave our men or women in uniform behind.  Regardless of the circumstances, we still get an American soldier back if he’s held in captivity. Period. Full stop.”

Period.  Full stop.

For an even more thoughtful, cogent piece of writing on this issue, please, please, please take a look at http://www.stonekettlestation.com, in his post titled “Negotiating with Terrorists.” http://www.stonekettle.com/2014/06/negotiating-with-terrorists.html

What he said.  Period.  Full stop.



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