Something else to ponder

I must admit I missed this tidbit of information.

Which is odd, given my roots.  And slightly sad because it shows that so much bad, so much craziness in the world overshadows those situations which would actually be less bothersome to the brain cells to cogitate on.

The images of the last week have been filled with horrendous sights:  a beheading of an American citizen, abhorrent to even consider happening; an unarmed teenager shot dead and whose body was left to lie in the street, uncovered, for four hours; the aftermath of that teenager’s unnecessary death bringing about responses by local police reminiscent of Third World countries under siege by their dictators’ armies; tensions rising in that teenager’s hometown making one revisit the LA riots, the Harlem riots, Tuskegee University in the 1960’s.  Scary, scary times these days.

So the tiny morsel of information I missed was that on September 18 of this year, Scotland will be voting on their Independence from Britain.

My initial gut-feeling response is “You go Scotland!”  And then I feel a little bad as it’s not really my fight and who am I to interject my opinion???   Not everything in this world needs a response from me.



I come from there.  Sir Robert the Bruce deeded a castle to my ancestors, the Clan Burnett.  It still stands today.  Someday we’ll visit.  I will say that for a long time I harbored ill will to good ol’ Sir Robert, solely based on his treatment of Sir William of Wallace.  Yes, I know.  That was a fictional account of a historical event that may or may not have truly happened that way and Sir William of Wallace probably didn’t look like Mel Gibson.  Or sound like Mel Gibson.  Or say what Mel Gibson did in that epic film of his.  Braveheart, if you can’t recall.  Or who may or may not have lost his lady love to the bastardly, dastardly, bloody English.

So.  All of that being said, my initial views of Sir Robert were slightly skewed.  But then, during some research while in veterinary school (because I simply wasn’t busy enough learning how to be a veterinarian) I learned about the whole castle thingy.  And who doesn’t want to have a castle somewhere in the family line?  Really.   And learned about Sir Robert the Bruce and what happened at the Battle of Bannockburn.  And maybe he sort of redeemed himself for his earlier betrayal of Wallace.  So I started to readjust my dim view of good ol’ Sir Robert.  And now I think he may have been a stand-up dude, who did some pretty good things for Scotland.  “In 1314, Scotland’s Robert the Bruce overcame significant military disadvantage – England’s Edward II had at least twice as many men – to secure victory after an exhausting 48-hour fight in the shadow of Stirling Castle, a key fortress protecting Highland Scotland from the lowlands of the south. It was an important win – coming nine years after the English captured and executed William Wallace and is celebrated in the chorus of Scotland’s unofficial national anthem, Flower of Scotland, in which England’s “proud Edward” is sent homeward “to think again”.”  (taken from

All of that being said, I’m completely all for Scotland being free of British rule.  Those bloody English have been trying to impose their rule on too many for too long.  (Disclaimer:  I’m pretty sure I have some English roots as well, but for all intents and purposes I gloss over those in favor of the Irish and Scottish and Spanish ancestors.  No offense to the Brits.  They do have JK Rowling, the Prime Minister Hugh Grant–BEST MOVIE EVER!!!  “Love Actually”–Sir Patrick Stewart–LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Besides, independence worked out pretty well for America some 200 years ago.  Who’s to say it wouldn’t be good for Scotland as well?  And then…maybe Ireland would soon follow.  A girl can dream, eh?

Blessings be.

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Mother, Mad Ranchwife(as in--at times-- crazy, nutso, loco, off-my-rocker insane), Veterinarian, Physical Therapist, "Liberal, pinko, gay-loving, Subaru-driving Socialist" (as I've been called), proud to be a totally tree-huggin', climate change believin', granola girl environmentalist, ObamaGirl, Pro-Choice (don't even get me started here...), and in my younger days a feminist vegetarian as a result of time spent at CU Boulder (this lasted approximately 14 months, until all the Jimmy Buffett I was listening to caused me to crave a cheeseburger). #FindingMyVoice #ScienceMatters
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