Awkward. To say the least.

So now Jeb! thinks the problems of immigration are more due to “Asians,” not Latin Americans (or Mexicans).  Honestly, I’m not sure anymore what the PC term is when referring to people of a certain descent.  Is it Mexican?  Latino?  Hispanic?  My ignorance is not meant to offend, so if I do, please forgive.

But I would think people of Asian descent might be mightily offended by Jeb! making the statement that “anchor babies are more a problem due to Asians.”

That man can not seem to keep both feet out of his mouth.  OK.  Now try to dig yourself out of that hole Jeb!.

And in another move that might offend people of Asian descent, Koch-baby Walker (sorry, I guess I should be more respectful…Governor Scott Walker) has called on President Obama to cancel the State Visit of the President of China because their economy is dragging down our stock market.

Yes.  That is correct.  He said that.  That makes good diplomatic sense doesn’t it?  Just more of the “I’m a spoiled brat and I’m going to take my ball and go home” toddler histrionics that are the trademark of the Republican party.  Get a grip Guv.  Heads of State don’t control the economy.  And committing diplomatic suicide is not the way U.S. Presidents should address the problems of the world.  Could you imagine other foreign heads of state denying the President of the United States an official visit because our economy tanked in 2008…which then affected the world economy…ALL because of the banks HERE?????  Can you imagine the outrage that would have ensued here?

Methinks the Republican Clown Car riders should start thinking before opening their mouths.

I’m just saying.

As an aside, and this was not prompted by me on any part.  In fact, I don’t even think we were talking about politics at all.  (I know, right?)  I don’t even think I had the radio on in the car.  Ah.  Now I remember what started it.  We were discussing the correct way to pronounce “laboratory.”  We’re big (well, I am) on correct pronunciation around here.  Speaking correctly, enunciating, pronouncing each syllable, etc.  So…she said laboratory for some reason and I, ever so gently, corrected the pronunciation.   A conversation then ensued about how the proper pronunciation of laboratory makes it sound English in a way.  Which then prompted her (that would be the 8 year old darling I live with) to comment that we definitely don’t want to sound English, goddess forbid.  (No offense to the English.)  I asked why.  She replied that truthfully, she wanted people to know that she was a “pure-blood American, and not English.”  And then I asked (ever so gently) if there was really such a thing as a “pure-blood American?”  And she said (and I’m totally serious–this is what she said),”Well.  There isn’t exactly a ‘pure-blood American’ because we all came from somewhere, except the Native Americans, who were already here.”

So there.  Immigration problem solved.  Everybody in America (except the pure-blood Native Americans) immigrated here at one point.  So everyone who wants to close the borders and not allow anyone else in?  What evs.  What evs.

In other news, we’re off to enjoy one of the LAST days of summer here.  Not kidding on that.  The hummingbirds are almost gone.  GONE!  They usually stay around until mid to late September.  The robins are gone.  The aspen leaves had started to turn and then a hard freeze two weeks ago has turned many of them brown and crisp.  The wild rose bushes and willows have started turning as well.  It’s not even September yet!!!  Holy crow.    I’m not thinking about what it all might mean.

Blessings be.


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Mother, Mad Ranchwife(as in--at times-- crazy, nutso, loco, off-my-rocker insane), Veterinarian, Physical Therapist, "Liberal, pinko, gay-loving, Subaru-driving Socialist" (as I've been called), proud to be a totally tree-huggin', climate change believin', granola girl environmentalist, ObamaGirl, Pro-Choice (don't even get me started here...), and in my younger days a feminist vegetarian as a result of time spent at CU Boulder (this lasted approximately 14 months, until all the Jimmy Buffett I was listening to caused me to crave a cheeseburger). #FindingMyVoice #ScienceMatters
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