And just like that…

…I am undone by the enduring goodness of man.

(Please know that in this case, I am using the word “man” to refer to our species, not to the gender.)

As per usual, on the glorious weekends when I am not slogging through the hallways of a certain medical institution dealing with the travesties of the human race that are all too often a result of self-infliction, I sit in my cozy little home, located in a little slice of heaven, grateful for the blessings that have been showered on my life.  I listen to the news programs, NPR should you even have to wonder, and revel in all that Wyoming Public Radio has to offer on the weekends.  We are a truly lucky state to have such a wonderful public radio institution.  But I digress.  As per usual as well.

Back to my Saturday morning nirvana when I am fortunate enough to be home.  I also peruse the news via internet.  And up until the last few minutes had been despairing of the state of things.  From good ol’ Jeb! and his “stuff happens” response to the shooting in Oregon to Ben Carson and his Couch Rambo commentary on how he would have been a damn hero and done things differently, to the still wacky high-flying Donald and his unexplainable (is that a word?) continued hold on a significant part of the electorate of this  country.  From the ridiculous flip-floppiness of HRC, which seems so obviously panderment (again, new word) that it grates on the nerves to the histrionics (continued as usual) of the GOP elected members of Congress.  I can’t even go into details of the temper tantrums but seriously…just give up already on Planned Parenthood!  And Benghazi?  How much more money of ours can you waste?  Really.

So, lots of despairment here.  (As you can see, I’m feeling nonsensical and wordy.)  The report of an Annie Oakley showing up in a Home Depot parking lot has me thinking perhaps I shouldn’t venture out to the big box stores after all. has most everything I need anyway, from batteries to vacuum cleaners to gold braiding for the pirate costume I have been commissioned to make.  Who needs to go out into the big, bad world where you might find yourself collateral damage as a result of some YAHOO with a gun and a concealed carry permit thinking she needs to be all bad-ass and help the security officer of the store stop a shoplifter?  A shoplifter.  For the love of Pete.  I think I’ve written about this before.  Here we come Wild West.  Let’s all just hanker back to days of yore when Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday roamed the streets (now it will be parking lots) and there were showdowns at noon on a daily basis.  Give me a flipping break.

Do I even need to go into the statistics that have been posted this week relating to the number of guns in the country versus the number of people in the country (including infants)?  No.  I can feel my blood pressure rising. And I’m losing the warm, fuzzy feeling I got when I stumbled across one of the most bliss-inducing, feel-good-down-to-your-toes, just downright restore-your-faith-in-humanity stories I have read all week.

It takes place in South Carolina.  Oh, wait.  One more piece of despairment.  The state of South Carolina is now under water as a result of 24 inches (that’s 2 feet!!) of rain that fell in a VERY short period of time.  The same state with the esteemed Senator Lyndsey Graham who is now pleading with the Federal Government for relief aid (MONEY) for his state.  The same esteemed Senator Lyndsey Graham who voted AGAINST federal funds to be given to New Jersey for financial relief from the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy.  Hypocrisy much Mr. Graham?

I digress.  Back to warm fuzziness from my head to my toes.

A man and his family had taken it upon themselves to canvass their neighborhood, knocking on doors and whatnot, trying to make sure that everyone was ok.  They (he and his family) were tired and he determined they needed to take a break, get warm and dry and then head back out to continue their work.  He spotted a car floating in what was supposed to be a meadow.  He thought it looked odd.  He tried to use binoculars to see if anyone was in the car.  He couldn’t.  But he didn’t feel right not taking a look himself.  So he put on his life jacket and headed out into the “meadow.”  A hand came out of the car.  He got closer and found an elderly gentleman with his dog, the gentleman in hypothermic shock after having been in the car approximately three hours.  The would-be rescuer high-tailed it back to his home and tried to get his boat started.  No go.  He waded back out to the car (about 200 yards away in waist deep water no less) and asked the gentleman if he would consider leaving his dog as the man thought he couldn’t take both.  Of course, the old man said no.  The rescuer improvised, put the dog on a suitcase and started across the water.  Close to the edge of the water, he became overcome with fatigue and faltered.  His wife jumped in and helped bring the elderly man to safety.  As I write this, I am crying.  The pictures are frightening.  The human spirit is indomitable.

And for this moment, I am undone by the sheer goodness of man.  It is there in so many ways.  In all of us.  We, I, need to take the time to find it, to unwrap it, to feed it, to let it prosper and grow.  Together, we can.  And that reminds me of a certain slogan thrown around about seven years ago and then egregiously made fun of in the ensuing years.

Hope and change.  Yes, we can.

Yes, we can hope for a better way.  And yes, we can change it so that the better way becomes the only way.

Blessings be.

Here is the link to the above story

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