How on the Universe’s green earth do you think this country was populated???

Yeah, I’ll admit, that was a trick question.

Cause even kindergartners know the answer, though APPARENTLY the esteemed ridiculously xenophobic Republican governors and esteemed asinine GOP presidential candidates (lord love a duck they actually qualify to run for such a position?)–they don’t seem to understand this itty, bitty, teeny, weeny, eensy little fact.

America the Great, America the Beautiful was founded on the back of IMMIGRANTS.  Immigrants.  People who leave their homeland and travel to a new country.  Fairly certain that’s the dictionary definition (or close to).  I don’t feel like dragging out the good ol’ Funk and Wagnall’s at the moment, so I’m paraphrasing.  I could ask the 8-almost-9 year old I live with.  I’m sure she can tell me.

Not a single one of us, well, not the white ones anyway, can claim this land as rightfully ours, and only ours.  We were not here first.  Not by a long shot.  Every single one of us has descended from peoples who boarded boats (unless it was recent and then maybe we could add planes) with mostly the shirts on their backs and headed to this great new place to make a life for themselves and their families, either with them or to follow or to be made here.

I have to wonder if the ridiculous Republican governors (I think there was one Democrat) making the ridiculous and frankly, appalling, assertions that they will not allow Syrian refugees to be placed in their states know how utterly ridiculous, pompous, demagogic, xenophobic, and asininely ignorant they sound to the rest of the world.  Asininely ignorant.

Asininely ignorant.

I keep repeating those words because I think they have such a beautiful ring to them.  And if you pause and think about it, sum up those pesky idjits quite succinctly.  If I do say so myself.

Asinine ignorance.  That is exactly what is happening right now, as regards the bloviating being bloviated about the placement of refugees.  As the always intelligent (truly, no snark here, the chess master himself) President O said lately, “Don’t be afraid of widows and orphans.”  Because, in essence, that is what it boils down to.  The people who have been forced to flee their homeland, where they had a life, where they belonged, where they had a culture and a love for their way of living, have undertaken dangerous, exhausting journeys, with children in tow and with nothing except the clothes on their backs.  Can you imagine what would cause you to load up your family and head out on foot, ON FOOT, to attempt to reach another country, a completely foreign land, where you might be able to live in peace?  Can you imagine what would force you to endure such a journey?  I would bet the answer is no.

I can’t imagine setting off on foot (mostly because we drive EVERYWHERE, and for long periods of time) here with nothing but the clothes on my back, dragging my daughter along behind me.  Not knowing where I was going to be able to find food to feed her.  Or clothes warm enough to clothe her when the winter got under way.  Not knowing where we would end up, or if there was going to be a place for us.  Not knowing if I would be able to forge a new and safe life for her.  Leaving everything we know, everything we hold dear, everything important to our way of life.  I simply cannot imagine the events that would force me to undertake such a journey.  And then I simply cannot imagine the journey itself.  Across bodies of water.  Packed into trains, boats, buses, trucks.  In a foreign land, many foreign lands.  Not knowing the language.  Seeing guns and concertina wire designed to keep me out.  The insults hurled our way.  The snarling, seething mobs of people trying to keep us out.  Maybe feeling caught between the horrors we were forced to leave in order to survive and the horrors of the unknown to come, the horrors of knowing that no country wants us.

No, I cannot imagine.

I sit here in my warm and comfortable home.  With plenty to eat.  With plenty to wear.  With plenty.

I sit here, secure in the knowledge that this is my home.  This cozy little warm house stocked with enough food and water and clothing to survive the winter.  This house in this state in this country.  This is my home.  And I am incredibly fortunate for this blessing.  And I am incredibly grateful.

All because my great-grandfather boarded a boat over a hundred years ago and sailed for the promised land.  And met my great-grandmother whose family had already boarded boats.  And so on and so on and so on.

Now, truth be told, my great-grandfather and his compatriots weren’t treated all that well for awhile, seeing signs such as “Irish need not apply.”  The Italians were called “wops.”  The Jews.  Oh my god the Jews.  I just read something yesterday that in January 1939 a request was made to accept 10,000 Jewish refugee children from Germany.  Do you know what happened??  It’s absolutely pathetic.  The Congress voted 61% to 39% AGAINST bringing the children here. Children.  Congress said no.  They didn’t come.  They most likely died a horrid death.  That’s on us I would say.

History repeats itself they say.  Today I would agree.

In 1941, this country rounded up AMERICANS of Japanese descent and placed them in camps.  Under the idiotic assertions it was for their own good.  But the truth?  Fear.  Plain and simply.  Fear of those different from “us.”

And now those esteemed Republican governors have stated they don’t want no Syrian refugees muddying up their doorsteps.

Some of the asininely ignorant GOP candidates for the most prestigious office in the land have said we should only allow in Christians, as there is no risk of Christians committing any of these heinous acts of terrorism the world has seen lately.  That would be Jeb! and Mr. Cruz, in all of his slimyness who suggested some sort of religious test for those attempting to shelter in this land.

Good grief Charlie Brown.  Do we need to open up Ellis Island again?  Do we need to go garage-saling and see if we can find those “Irish need not apply” signs and with a little paint we could change that to “Syrians, Muslims, Arabs Anyone who isn’t white, need not apply.”  Actually, maybe those asininely ignorant could simply make signs and stand at the airports and the beaches and the land bordering Mexico (because lord love a duck, we can’t forget the children being shipped up here from Central America by their parents desperate to save their childrens’ lives).  Their signs would read: “Anyone who isn’t white and wasn’t born here, don’t even think of entering this country.”

Fear is EXACTLY what the terrorists were after.  Fear of them and the possibilities of what they could do is EXACTLY what they want.  The posturing and bloviating that has occurred in the last couple of days regarding the Syrian refugees gives them (the terrorists) EXACTLY what they wanted.

Way to go governors.  Please proceed to wow the world with your absolutely asinine ignorance.  You have just made this country look even more ridiculous and pathetic.

Here is how it’s done:

NEW: Pres. Hollande commits to taking 30,000 refugees in next 2 years; says France has duty to honor that commitment. “Life must go on.” ABC News (@ABC) November 18, 2015

The above was seen on Twitter.  (I tried to copy and paste the link to twitter, but in all of my ignorant ITness, I couldn’t get it done.  You can easily search for the story.)

The President of France, whose country was just rocked by terrorist attacks that MAY be linked to someone who entered their country with other Syrian refugees, just stated that “LIFE MUST GO ON.”  And then committed to taking 30,000 Syrian refugees over the next 2 years.

That is the way to get it done.  Not fear-mongering.  Not xenophobia.  Not bloviating about irrationally, asininely ignorant blatant discrimination.

I say this to the idjits insisting on only allowing in Christians–you gonna make all of us take your stupid little Christian test in order to stay here?  Cause I’m fairly certain there would be a lot of us ‘Muricans who wouldn’t pass your ridiculous, damned test.

Get over yourselves.  We are a nation of immigrants, founded on the back of immigrants.  And there ain’t nuthin’ anywhere stating one must be a Christian to come here.  Never was.  Isn’t now.  Won’t ever be.  Get over yourselves.






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