Life in it’s many forms.


Just heard yesterday that the long-range forecast for the melting of the Arctic sea ice has been updated to a short-range forecast.  The estimates are now that the ice field will be gone in approximately six (6) years instead of the previously thought 60 years.  This makes the oil dudes VERY happy, as well as those countries eager for an open Northwest passage year round.  This makes the polar bears and seals, not to mention all that depend on them, very UNhappy.  Life is going to look so different for our children’s children.


Scientists will be releasing a report next week I think, at some conference (no link, sorry, you’ll have to trust me), regarding the mass extinction in the end-Permian era (c. 252 million years ago).  The report details the existence of methane-spewing bacteria that triggered the extinction of almost all species.  (**Just found a link…at Al-Jazeera America no less.  That’s a kick.  Enjoy.

Sad, depressing and interesting all at the same time:

The devastation from the mudslide in Washington looks unimaginable in the pictures.  Can you just try to think what it is like standing there looking at it?  I certainly cannot.  Sad that those people, their homes, their lives were there one second and gone the next.


The UN just released a report stating that Zero Carbon is the only way.  I need to hop over there and read it, but the headline caught my eye.  We need to start thinking seriously about what is happening all around us.

Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire remains frozen solid.  This is not good as today, April 1, marks the start of the salmon fishing season.

Catastrophic mudslides.  Frozen lakes that should be thawed.  Unprecedented drought.  Earthquakes from fracking.  YES, I just said that.  Fracking =earthquakes.  The USGS just reported that the recent rash of earthquakes in Oklahoma (some 70 in a 3 day period a little while back) were related to fracking.  They said it first, not me.  (Not that I haven’t been thinking it all along.  Not rocket science to make that leap, in my humble opinion.)  Arctic sea ice melting that should not be melting.  Do you see the pattern here?

Trick question.  There is no pattern.  It’s random chaos.  But if you settle down long enough to not be all “this is just the way it is, we have nothing to do with it, global warming is a hoax-y thing-y,” then you might get a little concerned that things are not the way they should be.  The Arctic ice should be frozen solid.  The lake in New Hampshire should be thawed.  We all might want to pay attention here.

Could be that those little bacteria about 252 million  years ago might be trying to tell us a thing or two.

To-do list:

1.  Tell my little family how much I love them.  Now.  No delay.

2.  Grab each and every moment as if it will be the last.  The only reality is NOW.

3.  Plan a trip to the Arctic Circle in the next six years.  (Not sure how to go about starting on this, but I’m going to come up with something.)  I rode around in the iceberg-filled Arctic Ocean one summer, sneaking along on a Native Inuit seal hunt for research purposes.  It was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.  I went up to the farthest edge of the United States at Point Barrow, wanting to catch a glimpse of the polar bear that had been sighted that morning.  No, I did not go alone.  Yes, there was someone along with a gun.  No, we did not see the bear.  We found his tracks, heading out to sea.  Awe-inspiring.  Daunting.  Wild.  The way it should be.

I might try to get those pictures scanned in, so you can get a taste of what I saw that summer.  We’ll see.  School is calling.  Math, science (those microscope slides have fascinated the darling diva I live with), grammar (she LOVES diagramming sentences…no kidding).  We have to get in a good day today as tomorrow…………………..SKIING!!!!  YEA!

Vaya con dios mi amigos.


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  1. barbara coyle says:

    just read your post – much to ponder!

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