View from the porch, last day of downhill skiing, and various sundries.

Spring is upon us!  And it’s coming fast and furious.  It’s as if the mounds of snow are disappearing in front of our eyes.  Which is OK.  As that is what is supposed to happen.  But there is something slightly melancholy in the changing of the seasons.  The letting go of the old and the bringing in of the new.  I could wax poetic about it, but suffice it to say that I have always had trouble letting go.  (Not like Elsa who just stamps her foot, builds the biggest, most intricate structure out of ice and croons “Let it go….let it go….I’m one with the wind and snow…let it go, let it go…close the past and slam the door….the cold never bothered me anyway.”)  {Methinks I have watched the DVD and listened to the CD one too many times now.  Though it is just slightly fantastic, so there you go.}

Anyway, as I was writing before I got carried away imagining I could sing and ice sculpt like fictional Disney characters named Elsa, I don’t recall ever NOT mourning the passing of the old.  Be it seasons, summer camp, the school year (I know, I know, I’m such a geek).  I just live my experiences so intensely.  And I want to soak them up and wring out of them every last drop of, well, whatever they’re providing.  Be it smells, sights, feelings, tastes.  You name it.  So, where I’m heading with all of this, is that it will be a while now before I again lay awake and listen to the wind howling in the trees and get up to peek out the window and see the snow swirling and piling up.  It will be a few months before I tiptoe quietly down the hall in the middle of the night to look out onto a winter wonderland, to see the flakes whirling in the night, stacking up inch by inch on the railings of the fence out front.  Or then to wake up to the sun shining gloriously in a crystal blue sky, crisp with below zero temperatures while the evergreen branches are laden with mounds of the white stuff.  Prisine, unmarked, gorgeous.  It will be a few months before my new ski partner and I head off to the ski hill to get in a few runs, me trying to catch up with her as she barrels down the hill.  You should see her now!!  No more timid snowplows.  Now she’s attacking the hill and starting to schuss with the best of them.  What a great ski year we’ve had!  No more trips to Rabbit Ears to explore new cross country ski trails, just her and I and the tracks of the woodland creatures.  We’ve seen some gorgeous territory this winter.  And had some grand times.

But then the summer will come in all of it’s glory.  The days will warm drastically.  The grass will get long and green (what is not destroyed by the pests that inhabit my world…who shall remain nameless for now…who have been taunting me for three years now…but I will not let them destroy my peace of mind for the moment…).  Where was I?  Oh yes, the grass.  The aspen trees will bud, then leaf out.  The columbines and the wild roses will bloom furiously on the hillside and the hummingbirds.  Oh the hummingbirds!!!  That right there caused a little swelling of joy in my heart.  Just the thought of the return of all my little friends made my heart sing a bit.  And for a moment, I forgot I was sad about the passing of the winter.  See?  Life is like that, isn’t it?  Always something silly, happy, funny, bright and new to replace the old.  To take the place of the sad and fill it instead with colors and warmth and happy thoughts.  Enough happy thoughts to send you floating to the ceiling where you can have tea with Mary Poppins and Burt.

The time between winter and summer here is difficult.  We get stuck in a period of time most call “mud season.”  The days are still cool, sometimes cold.  The ground is slightly dangerous and threatens to suck you in if you’re not careful.  The grass is exposed, but still very much asleep.  This time moves quite quickly and then summer arrives.  But, that’s ok.  It is all as it should be.  My task is to learn to accept life on life’s terms, to learn to let go and let it all unfold as it does.  To learn to be ok with the passing of the seasons.

To look at my darling daughter and be ok with the growth and the maturing and the changing from the baby to the toddler to the little girl to the older little girl.  To not want to scream and shout and rale furiously at the Universe to “SLOW IT DOWN!!!!!!!”  It is moving simply too fast.  Every time I blink, another month has gone by.  Or two or three.  It takes my breath away.  Since she was born, I have wanted to stop time.  To be able to hold it still so I could absorb into every fiber of my being the sights and sounds of her.  But with each passing day, it just gets better and better, so that eventually, I simply would not know where to freeze it.  I don’t want to miss what is happening today.  I don’t want to give up what happened yesterday.  But I don’t want to miss what might be coming along.  Such a conundrum isn’t it?  And so ironic, for someone like me.  Someone who, so long ago, couldn’t be bothered with the thought of children.

Praise the Universe I’m not in control.  I would have missed the very best part of life.

Wow, that got deep didn’t it?  I simply wanted to share the view from the porch this morning.  As well as pics from our very last skiing day, taken with my new I phone no less!!!  Yes, I got one.  Holy Toledo but it’s fun.  Seriously.  I am now totally addicted to this phone.  Guess what was the very first app I put on it??  Three guesses.  And the first two don’t count.

Yep!  The Starbucks app!  The coolest thing ever.  Ever.  I can pay using my phone!  How cool is that?  I couldn’t stop gushing over how cool it was when I used it last weekend when I went to work.  The barista, bless his heart, told me he still had an old flip phone, because he just couldn’t stand the way people were so attached to their phones.  I gave him my biggest, bestest smile and said, “yeah, I know what you mean…but this is so cool!!  I just paid for my coffee with my phone.  You’ve got to try this, man!”  Seriously.  I said that, smiling the whole time.  (Yes, I know I am such a geek.)  I didn’t care I sounded like a total idiot.  And I didn’t care that I didn’t convince him of the greatness of it all.  Because I was happy.  So that’s all that matters.  (Oh, and the best part of the whole I phone thing?  It only cost me $100 because AT & T was having a supreme deal.)

I just realized I used the word “cool” about fifty times in the last paragraph.  I guess you get my drift.  Though the darling diva I live with would haul out her newest BFF and look up the word ‘cool’ and then proceed to give me all the synonyms I could use instead.  Seriously.  One of the language lessons this week was on how to use the thesaurus.  I brought out a kid’s thesaurus I had picked up and she latched on to it and would not let it go.  In fact, when it got to the book report writing time, she had to make sure she had her trusty thesaurus sitting right next to her.  Then she started making up sentences using spectacular words she had just discovered, even though they had nothing to do with the book she was writing about!!!  Yes, I know.  She comes from a geeky mother, what can you expect?

There were other sundries, but it’s late.  And I’m tired.  And the brain is faltering.  The sundries probably had something to do with the 7.5 million people who signed up for health insurance under the ACA.  Or that it’s really just health insurance reform and not health care reform which has been something that has been irking me for months and months and months.  Because really, health care, and the affordability or availability of it in this country, is not going to change one iota.  Health care wasn’t reformed.  Just the health insurance industry and not very much of it at that.  Though our policy has gone down, so there you go!!!  Mmm-hmmm.

Stephen Colbert is taking over for David Letterman.  Now that’s going to be hysterical.  He’s hysterical anyway (Stephen Colbert).  His platform just got bigger.  Way cool.  I read that Rush Limbaugh is having his own hysterics about it and crying “left wing conspiracy” or some other s**t like that.  I cannot understand why that man still has a voice.

I may get vilified for saying this, and it wasn’t my child so I might feel very differently if it had been, but the student who took two kitchen knives to school and stabbed 20 people seems to me to be crying out for help.  I am not, in any way, shape or form condoning his actions, of course not.  And, as I said at the outset, this was not my child injured or put in harm’s way, so my feelings are very different at this moment, but what does it say about us as a society that this child (he is only 16 years old) is going to be tried as an adult and whose life from here on out is irrevocably changed.  As are all those affected.  I am not discounting any of that.  I just think we have got to be mindful of the reasons that people snap.  And children.  He’s a child.  I can’t get past that.  And then I shudder to think what would have happened had he had access to a gun.  See???  Gun control laws may actually be a good thing.

And don’t even get me started on all the rest of the crazy out there…the hatin’ on President Obama, yada, yada, yada.  Or Senator McCain and Secretary of State Kerry going at it.  Oy vey.  Enough to give you a headache.

So, the pictures.

DSC03388 DSC03391 DSC03392 DSC03394 DSC03396 DSC03384  DSC03372 DSC03374

And finally, and this is SO cool, but the following was taken with the esteemed I phone while out skiing on Rabbit Ears last weekend.  In a snowstorm no less.  Gracelyn is a tiny bit perturbed (1. cause I’m always taking pictures of us and 2. cause there was a teensy, ittty, bitty  bit of a problem with the trail…well, truth be told, the problem was in that we, well, I, wasn’t sure exactly which trail we were on and how much farther it was back to the car and whatnot).  Luckily it all ended well.


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  1. barbara coyle says:

    enjoyed the photos and your post as always!

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