A mother’s love

Something has been bothering me for some time.  Several weeks.  And I must admit I haven’t taken the time to string together several words in an articulate testament to my thoughts and opinions and feelings.  Rather I’ve just let the words swirl up there in the scary neighborhood of my brain-case.  Gathering steam, petering away, seeming to be snuffed out or overtaken by the multitude of images and different words that this being is subject to on any given day.  And living with a precocious, stunningly alive, mind-bendingly brilliant, sponge-worthy brainiac of a child has caused a kaleidoscopic array of words, colors, images, thoughts, feelings, pictures, and so on that assault my barely hanging on mind each and every second of each and every minute of each and every precious day.  Thus, at any given moment, obliterating the thoughts I was working on initially.  Which, now that I think about it, is probably a good thing.  Probably the way it is meant to go.  Tending to the young minds entrusted to our care should be tantamount to anything else.  And, if truth be told, her brilliance helps to outshine the ugliness that can be seen in our world.  That sometimes captures my mind and holds it prisoner as I try valiantly to make sense of it all.  I praise the Universe, Great Mystery, Allah, God, Yahweh, the Great Is each and every second of each and every day for the blessings in my life.  And first and foremost is the blessing of being entrusted with the most gargantuan of tasks of shepherding, guiding, teaching and loving this little soul who was given to me to nurture.

A mother’s love.

I think you would be hard pressed to find anywhere, in this entire world, a mother who doesn’t feel what I’m trying, albeit poorly, to describe.   There is nothing like a mother’s love.  It is all-encompassing (that’s a bit of redundancy isn’t it?), all-enveloping (more redundancy)…simply put…all.  It is just that…”all.”

Family movie night last week was the DisneyNature movie “Bears.”  And lord love a duck but I’m going to agree with one of the biggest nincompoops of the last few years in saying that “momma grizzlies rule.”  (You can deduce for yourself who I’m referring to–nincompoop wise, but I refuse to actually type the name for fear of the world falling apart below me.)  But, back to the premise of mother grizzly bears.  They will do anything, ANYTHING, to protect their cubs.  Including, as seen in the film, which, yes, does have some homo sapien editorial influence, slowly starving to death as the choice between fishing for salmon or defending the twin cubs from hungry male grizzlies is clear to the mother bear.  She grows painfully thin and does not look as if she will be able to nurse her twin cubs through another winter hibernation.

A mother’s love.

Where in the world am I going with this, you ask, ever so sweetly?

What in the world do mother grizzly bears have to do with anything?

A mother’s love.

A mother will do whatever it takes, whatever it takes, to ensure the survival of her offspring.  Her offspring–the absolute, without-a-doubt, most important thing in her life.  I am fairly certain this is a universal truth, universal meaning across the universe (duh) and universal meaning across the species.

Meaning including the human species.

Meaning:  a mother who knowingly puts her most precious possessions onto a rickety vehicle thousands of miles to the south of this great nation and then sends her most precious possessions north to this great nation, knowing, knowing to the depths of her soul she will most likely, most probably, NEVER, never, see her most precious possessions again, in her lifetime, can only be doing so because she believes it will ensure the life of her most precious possessions.  (Yes, this is an extremely run-on run-on sentence.  Yes, it is an extremely poor example of literary craft, but I’m emotional right now and there you have it.  My literary license.)

My point:  do you suppose that all of the children showing up down there at the border might have mothers somewhere whose hearts have broken into a million little pieces knowing they will never hold their precious babies again?  Mothers who will never marvel at the wonder, the sheer joy of watching their children’s  lives unfold before them?  Mothers who will never be able to continue the task that was given to them of teaching, guiding, nurturing, loving, protecting and caring for the souls entrusted to their care?  Mothers who will, most likely and most probably, spend every second of every day of the rest of their lives wondering how their most precious possessions are faring?  Mothers who sacrificed their hearts to gamble on their children’s safety?

And what has this great nation done with those mothers’ most precious possessions?

Some, yes some, welcomed these children with open arms and deduced the importance of caring for them as their mothers would have.

Some, unfortunately, rose up and bellowed and ranted and raved and helped turn back some of those vehicles.  Some made asinine, idiotic statements about our country being under assault (lookin’ at you Guvnor Perry) and then ordered big, strappin’, scary-looking National Guardsmen with TONS of guns to stand guard at the border (lookin’ at you again Guvnor).   Some ranted and raved and threw hissy fits about illegal aliens and what not (lookin’ at you good ol’ Congress).

Shame on you who ranted and raved and bellowed.  Who used this crisis for political gain.  Who DISRESPECTED and DISHONORED the sacrifices of those mothers.

Shame on you.

A mother’s love is the most precious thing in this world.  And what have we done to it?

The following is one of the songs played in the DisneyNature movie “Bears.”  It is entitled “Home” by Phillip Phillips.  The video is preceded by commercials, sorry for that.  But I would really recommend listening to the song.  Notice the American flag seen a couple of times in the video.  We could all take a lesson from this.


Remember this.




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